Mezzanine Acquisition Financing – Transitional Capital at its Best

Mezzanine Acquisition FinancingGrowing a business through acquisition involves assumption of execution risk, that the acquired business can be integrated and scaled.  Successful acquisition integration and scaling can produce profits and EBITDA at a much faster rate than ordinary growth. Continue reading →

Leverage your Recurring Revenue Options

Leverage Recurring RevenueIncreasingly banks and other debt funds recognize the inherent value of a long term recurring contract as a leverageable asset.  Managed IT services and security companies are great candidates for this approach. Continue reading →

Extend your runway with the right acquisition funding

Acquisition FundingThe longer the runway, the more secure the take off and altitude.  This is particularly true for companies seeking to achieve breakthrough growth speed. Continue reading →

Business Acquisition Loans to Stay Away from

Business Acquisition Loans to Stay Away fromGrowth in the alternative lending channel has unleashed a geyser of different loan structures for business acquisition funding. Some are asset based, some are personal credit score based and some are cash flow based. Continue reading →

Managing your Lender through a busted Covenant

Managing your Lender through a busted CovenantIn the world of business acquisition lending, covenants are often broken. It happens so frequently it appears that covenants were made to be broken. Rarely do companies get through a lending cycle without busting one or two important covenants along the way. Continue reading →