Top 5 Deployment Tips for Cash Flow Financing

Cash Flow FinancingCash flow financing refers to a loan that is backed by the future cash flow of a business.  Unlike an asset-based loan, cash flow Continue reading →

Best 4 Steps to Raise Business Acquisition Funding

Business Acquisition FundingBusiness acquisition funding describes capital raised to fund the purchase of a business.  In theory, business acquisition funding could be any form of capital, from loans to shares and everything in between. The form of financing is driven by the buyer who usually seeks to supplement their equity investment Continue reading →

5 Signs of a Good Deal

Debt Structure ElasticityGood deals are hard to come by and certainly do not grow on trees. Within any deal market, there are only a handful of good deals, despite everybody’s subjective views and tendency to over rate the quality of their own deal flow.  Continue reading →

The Top 4 Wins from Debt Structure Elasticity

Debt Structure ElasticityDebt is a major component of any deal structure, often doing yeoman’s work in funding a transaction. Without it, most deals would require significantly more equity or seller financing.  Continue reading →

Brexit and the Private Debt Market

Private Debt Market and BrexitWith a decision deadline approaching in late March and Parliament unable to arrive at consensus, Brexit looms large on the financial landscape.  Will there be a crash out with no deal? Continue reading →