Why Acquisition Financing is a Different Solution than other Loans?

acquisition financingAcquisition Financing has distinctive characteristics that make it different than other forms of financing. Acquisition financing describes a capital need from the perspective of a buyer looking to acquire a business. Continue reading →

Should I Stay or Should I Go? A Keen Comparison of Two Paths For Middle Market Companies

growth capital or buyoutGrowth or exit are the two strategies available to middle market companies. While not mutually exclusive, these options offer vastly different benefits for the owner. Continue reading →

Business Acquisition Financing: How to Nail the Basics to Get the Funding You Need for The Growth You Seek

business acquisition financingIntegrating companies as part of an acquisition has all sorts of risks and rewards for lenders. Understanding the yin and yang of an acquisition can lead you to the right lender to support your endeavor. Continue reading →

The Power of Apps and Why All Small Businesses Can Benefit from Them

small businesses appForward thinking businesses are creating apps and a social media presence to improve engagement and increase sales. A lot of middle market companies Continue reading →

The Art of Saying No to a Deal

art of dealThe middle market lending world is a complicated place. It is segmented by different types of lender, such as asset based or cash flow based, and type of institution, such as bank or independent debt fund Continue reading →

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