The Keystone Acquisition: Laying the Foundation for your Roll Up

keystone acquisition

Companies with new technology will often times strategically grow their business through a roll up, a series of planned acquisitions over a multi-year period. The goal of this strategy is to execute what is known as a land grab, establishing your company’s presence in several regions before any other company with similar tech can beat you to those regions. Continue reading →

Accelerate Your Scale Up with Growth Equity

accelerate your scaleup

Middle market companies with potential as far as the eye can see should consider growth equity to fund and accelerate their scale up. It’s a commonly used strategy among tech firms with revenue and profits. We see this situation often with businesses that need to move at a quick pace, looking to capitalize on first market adoption. Continue reading →

The Value of Scale Up Capital for Mid Market Companies

scale up capital

Every mid sized company has aspirations to grow faster and bigger than its competitors. In the fast-paced world of business, companies remaining stagnant or growing too gradually are losing ground on their competition. One ingredient in the growth formula that cannot be stressed enough is the need for scale up capital. Continue reading →

Having Strong Numbers is a Must for Mid Market Companies

middle market companies numbers

When working with a lender to close a deal, perhaps the most scrutinized item is a company’s numbers. Businesses need to ensure that they have clear, organized financial reporting and insightful, easy-to-follow operational KPI reporting in order to be successful. Continue reading →

Mezzanine Financing: A Key to Achieving Business Greatness

mezzanine financing for business success

All too often, middle market companies with great potential overlook the opportunities that would allow them to become leaders in their field. The big opportunities that companies yearn for require big funding that causes cautious owners to retreat into their turtle shell. Continue reading →