Important Features of Mezzanine Financing

features of mezzanine financingMezzanine financing is a distinctive form of capital that has more in common with equity than it does with a bank loan. From a practical standpoint, mezzanine financing resembles a loan as it carries an interest rate, a repayment term and places covenants and restrictions on the borrower. Continue reading →

Why is Mezzanine Financing Valuable?

why mezzaine financing is valuableMezzanine Financing is a mechanism that unleashes the power of accessible, flexible funding for growth companies. Most companies stumble to find a lender at some time in their history. The bank default response to most growth company loan applications is “rejected”, Continue reading →

What are the Best Use Cases for Mezzanine Financing?

best use cases mezzanine financeMezzanine Financing has grown in popularity over the years, but is still widely misunderstood by business owners. The actual name does little to help those unfamiliar with it as it describes its position in a capital structure from the perspective of the deal architect. Continue reading →

The Beauty of Unitranche Loans

beauty of unitranche loansAs a business looking to expand, you have a lot on your plate between targeting acquisitions, planning new strategies, maintaining internal controls as you grow, etc. The process of attaining the funds to catalyze your growth is just one more thing on a seemingly endless to-do list, Continue reading →

Quasi Equity – The X-Factor for Great Dealmaking

quasi equityQuasi Equity describes a form of capital with debt-like properties and equity-like functionality. This form of financing allows the issuer flexibility and value. The capital is less expensive than straight equity, yet provides virtually the same level of value add as a straight equity investment. Continue reading →