Acquisition Financing – The Hidden Weapon for Business Growth

acquisition financing for business growthAchieving business growth takes bold ideas, exacting execution and capital support.  Many companies are more proficient with strategic planning and execution than they are with bringing in capital. Continue reading →

Important Questions for Acquisition Financing Term Sheets

acquisition Financing Term SheetsBorrowers often see loans as a commodity product, with loans as widgets of the same size and price.  This may have been true 20 years ago, but today there are more types of lenders than ever before.

There are three major points of differentiation for these new lenders – they differ in their view of risk, the ways in which they manage risk, and in their cost of funds. Continue reading →

How Mezzanine Financing Unlocks Faster Growth

mezzanine financing faster growthGrowing your company takes a lot of work in the form of more people, more systems and more financial resources.  The scale-up process is never as smooth or frictionless as it appears on an excel spreadsheet. Continue reading →

The Five Top Reasons why Mezzanine Loans are a good option for Acquisition Financing

mezzanine loan for acquisitionWhen buying a company, you need a loan that will work for you and fit your need.  Too often, loans are rigid and ill-fitted to serve as a reliable form of acquisition financing. Continue reading →

A long walk as a metaphor for a deal journey in business world

deal journey Walking along ancient paths is a primitive form of getting somewhere.  With no digital assistance, you simply go with the pack and watch guideposts that point the way. Continue reading →