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Risk in Acquisition Financing

There are many risks in acquisition financing but most center around the type of loan, the term of the Risk In Acquisition Financing loan and the amount of financing being brought in. Lenders such as banks and mezzanine lenders have different appetites for risk. Acquisition financing from a mezzanine lender is much easier to deal with post closing than a bank loan, in large part because banks are regulated. If you have a deal that requires more time and patience for it to pay off Continue reading →

M&A Activity in 2014

Global M&A activity was lackluster in 2013 decreasing 20% from 2012′s level. M&A volume has been M&A Activity in 2014 four flat years in a row, despite record level of cash on corporate balance sheets and at private equity funds. Every year it seems this cash dry powder is a much discussed factor presaging a run up M&A activity. Yet, the market continues to ebb and flow, in fits and starts, seemingly unaffected by the sheer magnitude of this Continue reading →

Mezzanine Debt Rates in 2014

Mezzanine Debt Rates in 2014 are likely to continue to be favorable for borrowers. More funds are coming on Mezzanine Debt Rates in 2014line and mezzanine funds are pressured by banks, who are lending further down the balance sheet. Also, market liquidity is high and many funds have returned capital from earlier deals. This is creating an environment where mezzanine lenders have to work hard to keep their capital invested. With interest rates on mezzanine debt largely Continue reading →

Capital Raising Services

Most companies need money to grow especially companies executing fast growth and entering new markets. Capital Raising ServicesThe capital markets in the US are a giant ocean consisting of many species of aquatic life. Some species are helpful while some are threatening. Some are nourishing while others are toxic. To navigate alien waters, Companies need the capital raising equivalent of a marine biologist. Capital raising services will help you discern the best Continue reading →

Business Acquisition Financing

Funding an acquisition is a risky form of lending. When one company buys another, there are all sorts of Business Acquisition Financingoperating risks related to integration. In addition, most acquisitions are priced at a level that requires the business acquisition financing provider to lend an amount greater than the assets being acquired. Often, the loan is expressed as a multiple of the acquired company’s profit. The risk profile of business acquisition financing is a function of these two variables.
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Risk in Acquisition Financing

Risk in Acquisition Financing

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M&A Activity in 2014

M&A Activity in 2014

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Global M&A activity was lackluster in 20... read more

Mezzanine Debt Rates in 2014

Mezzanine Debt Rates in 2014

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Mezzanine Debt Rates in 2014 are likely ... read more

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