4 Tips to Differentiate yourself as a M&A Buyer

Merger and Acquisition Buyer The M&A world has scores of purchasers in the middle market– private equity, strategic, independent sponsors, and search funds.  As M&A and the private equity industry has matured, there is tremendous focus on deal origination across the spectrum. Continue reading →

Business Takeaways from the Greatness of The Patriots

Business Takeaway From New England PatriotsThe New England Patriots have set a standard for sustained excellence.   They have played in the Super Bowl 9 times over the past 19 years with Tom Brady as their QB and Bill Belichick as their head coach.  In the 9 trips to the Super Bowl, Continue reading →

Growth Capital Essentials for Hypergrowth Companies

Growth Capital Essentials for Hypergrowth Companies

Our roaring economy has created strong revenue growth for businesses of all types. Growth has been particularly strong for small and middle market.. Continue reading →

Top 4 things to watch out for with Acquisition Lenders

Acquisition LendersLining up financing for your deal is not an easy process. It involves canvassing the lender market and engaging with a wide group of prospective lenders. Continue reading →

The Many Names of Mezzanine Debt

Many Names of Mezzanine DebtMezzanine debt is a loan to a company based on its cash flow or EBITDA level.  It is placed under a bank loan and on top of any equity investment, sandwiched between these two layers. Continue reading →