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Problem Our Client Had

The owner of the company is a high net worth individual who has a full time job and is unable to source acquisition opportunities on his own. He is interested in diversifying his net worth through buying companies to be managed by his management team. He is interested in minimizing his equity contribution in these deals. This high net worth individual needed a person he could trust to represent his company. He also needed a firm that could source deals, value the companies, develop a structure and find the financing. In short, he needed a turnkey solution to be the point of contact for his company to make acquisitions.

Why They Came to Us

Attract Capital had previously worked with some of the managers of this company through a prior engagement. As part of this experience, we built up a strong relationship with the team and helped them navigate a series of events including a divestiture and a refinancing. The management team came to have strong respect for the quality of our advice and our ability to source lenders for their various needs. They had tried to source deals on their own but felt that the Attract Capital name and expertise would give them more traction in the business broker community. They also felt that our ability to value and structure deals would help them.

How we Helped Them

Over the first three months of engagement we generated over 50 leads for them. Out of this pipeline we closed one deal with the financing raised against the assets of the acquired company. There was no equity contribution required to close the deal. We subsequently arranged a refinancing of this company’s acquisition loan. We have also identified a new VAR acquisition and are in the advanced stages of negotiation. On both of these deals, we will have sourced, valued, structured, and arranged the financing. Our ability to find the deal and also bring the lender provides our clients with huge ROI.

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