Series A Investment

Emerging technology companies create next generation products, usually far ahead of the market. It can take a while before demand catches on. Nonetheless, their business models must be solidly built out with a fully formed management and departmental structure. Extra capacity needs to be factored in as well. When product demand does catch on, growth could skyrocket. The carrying cost of maintaining a full formed business model is considerable. Often company’s expense structures far outweigh their revenue, resulting in high six figure and seven figure monthly burn rate. The bigger the market growth, the higher the expense level and the bigger the burn. More investment in R&D to stay ahead of the pack innovatively, also drives the burn rate. All of these expenses are required if you are building a next generation company capable of fast growth. This cost intensive approach is not optional in the fast moving technology world of today. The simple truth is that a company built for fast growth needs to be able to scale. You never get a second chance to make a first impression during your initial scale up.

Attract Capital works with leading companies to help them bring in Series A Investment to drive their growth. The Attract Capital proven process and network of investors, helps fast growing companies raise the capital they need, to achieve the growth they’ve envisioned.

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