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Structuring Deals customized for your company

We specialize in structuring deals that fit the needs of our clients. We have developed a 2-layer cake structure which removes the equity. In this 2-layer structure, we replace equity with mezzanine debt while accomplishing the same funding objective as a 3-layer structure.

  • This structure is based on the EBITDA multiple of the proposed debt level and our ability to substantiate the Company’s equity value.
  • As long as the debt multiple is within a certain range and a strong case can be made for excess equity value, mezzanine debt can be raised.
  • With a mezzanine loan, the company gets money that is significantly less dilutive than straight equity.
  • In exchange for paying a current interest rate of about 12%, the company is generally able to give up
    only 5% to 15% of the shares as opposed to giving up over 65% of the shares with a straight equity
  • Basically, by structuring deals in a 2-layer manner, there is no need for equity and the cost of capital decreases significantly.
  • We have the ability to design other structures for either a leveraged recapitalization
    (partial owner cash out) or an outright sale of the business for the owner.

Our expertise in devising custom structures and structuring deals creates great value for our clients.

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