Lender & Investor Communication

Lender and Investor CommunicationThere is more than one language spoken in a deal process. Lenders speak their own language that many business owners are not really fluent in. This language uses abstract words and can be overly financial and technical. Entrepreneurs speak in their own language as well, using industry terms and more practical terms. Much like it’s a challenge to conduct business with people in other countries with different languages, it can be just as daunting if you do not understand the language of a lender. You need an advisor to help you translate the language and anticipate their process. Without this, you may feel lost and not in control. You should also ensure you have your ducks lined up before you engage with the lender and make sure you know their expectations relating to:

  1. Quality of your Confidential Information Memorandum.
  2. Timing & Negotiating.
  3. Financial Statement Reporting.
  4. Professionalism.
  5. Management Quality and depth.

Attract Capital is a highly skilled translator of the language and expectations of a lender. With us leading the process, you’ll not only understand them but be able to communicate your position with clarity and authority.


Let us act as the go-between needed to foster a relationship between your company and your lender. This can pay-off in a big way for funding future growth opportunities.

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