Data Protection and Privacy at Attract Capital

Attract Capital is committed to protecting the privacy of its prospects. We collect data to deliver services corresponding to client’s requirements. In line with the European General Data Protection Regulations, Attract Capital pledges not to disclose personal information of prospects without consent from the other side. The personal information probably includes email addresses. We provide the highest degree of privacy and confidentiality associated with our financing expertise services.

  1. Is Attract Capital GDPR Certified?
    Yes, we follow General Data Protection Regulation and protect the personal information of those we serve.
  2. Will clients be able to use Attract Capital Services post-GDPR Compliance?
    Individuals or prospects taking our services can continue doing the same. Under GDPR, our prospects would have more power over their data.
  3. What are steps taken by Attract Capital to ensure its compliance with GDPR?
    Because we respect our prospect’s right to privacy, we have given them an option to opt-out of Attract capital’s master database. Additionally, to comply with EU General Data Protection Regulation, we do not honor third party requests and share personal details of our prospects.
  4. Is Attract Capital a data processor? As a client am I a data controller?
    As per the GDPR law, Attract Capital is considered as data processor, while all its prospects are considered as data controllers.
  5. What should I know about processing customer’s personal information?
    Following European Union’s New General Data Protection Regulation, Attract Capital would process personal information of any client or prospect only after obtaining their consent.
  6. How will Attract Capital safeguard my data?
    Apart from normal customary clauses and privacy policies, Attract Capital would adhere to the new internationally recognized European General Data Protection Regulation. We safeguard prospect’s email addresses and do not sell them. We use the data only as directed by our prospects and in accordance with the new GDPR policy.
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