Client Testimonials

Here is what some of our clients have said about AttractCapital.

Mark Wilkins

Well the vision happened and you were very instrumental in making it happen…I thank you very much for all your help back in 2004 and subsequent years. If you ever need a reference please let me know, we are one of your success stories.

Founder and Managing Partner – Surgical Intelligence Holding, GmbH

We have realized tremendous value from our affiliation the Attract Capital team. They are recognized brand name among mid-cap lenders, and have decades of industry experience and an expansive lender network.

CEO – Logistics Company

I just wanted to once again say thank you. I cannot say enough about how fortunate I feel to have had you on my side. You were able to take my dreams and vision and put them on paper and show me that I had the ability to do it. I appreciate the confidence that you have in me and your belief in what I want to do. You opened up my eyes to possibilities that I never thought I could obtain and for this I am forever grateful.

CEO – Transportation Company

I look forward to doing the next “thing” with you soon. I feel that the education that I received in this process from you is priceless and feel very confident that I will hit the numbers that we have targeted in our business plan.

Owner – Logistics Company

Thank you for making me smarter, sharper, confident and for making me realize that I can do what I set out to do….it’s just a matter of time.

CEO of Specialty Retail Service Company

Raising money to grow a company is challenging, multiple rejections can frustrate even the most optimistic business owner. I hired Attract Capital to help me raise money to expand my chain of indoor tanning salons. That decision was one of the best I’ve ever made. Working with Attract Capital enabled me to focus all my expertise / energy back to running my business. Attract Capital used their expertise to find a deal in less than two months.

CEO of Advanced Technology Company Specializing in Air Filtration

Dave took our business plan and tore it apart. He put it into a succinct format that investors would understand. He took us to investors that were interested in our type of technology. He married us with an investment group. The first group he took us to invested in the Company. It happened very quickly. His efforts in identifying and securing a source of capital for FP were extraordinarily creative and professional. He provided valuable initiative and input throughout the entire process, from business plan development and presentation to the identification of a compatible financial partner. From my perspective, he really earned his fee during the closing process with the investor and both parties attorney’s which at times was difficult and arduous. He demonstrated an an affinity for valuable and pragmatic business counsel that allowed us to focus on the end result – a successful closing with money in the bank. I would certainly recommend his expert services to any entrepreneur seeking a financial partner.

CEO of Display Technology and Presentation Equipment Company

When I first started looking for an investor, it was like a jungle. I found it difficult to figure out where to go, who to speak to, whom to trust. I found an expert in Dave who was able to close my deal in 120 days. Paying his fee was money well spent. I was actually surprised how little equity I had to give up and the reason is that Dave found the right partner for me. One of the reasons for having someone like Dave is that he is an expert in this area. Dave helped me focused on margin growth as opposed to revenue growth which made our growth plan more interesting to an investor.

CEO – IT Staffing Company

I am more or less 100% confident that no one can make this deal as easy as you can. I think you are the right person, who know the right people and you have the right way of approaching things.

Owner – Business Products Company

Your fee is very much deserved. I certainly have learned a huge amount through your council and enjoy it greatly.

CEO – Technology Company

Dave Barnitt is extremely knowledgeable in his job and a great person to work with.

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