Business Funding

Business Funding
Business Funding is critical for aspiring companies as they expand. Without the right type of business funding, companies lack the energy to fuel the growth journey. Capital is the fuel source for any growing company whether it is for people, offices, space or acquisition. Growth takes on many forms which is why there are a multitude of business funding options. Business funding options should be calibrated to the current and projected capital position of a company. If a company has strong assets and no loans, they are a candidate for an asset based loan. If a company has an existing loan against its assets and is seeking major expansion, a cash flow- based loan is a strong option. Business funding options can be provided by dozens of different types of lenders and investors, depended on the specific need. These include:

  1. Banks and asset based lenders.
  2. Cash flow lenders.
  3. Unitranche providers and mezzanine lenders.
  4. Equity investors.

The key to attracting the right business funding is to examine your current and future cash flow need, at a deep level. This helps your understand all of the various uses for capital. Once empowered with this information, you can design the perfect capital solution. Without the right type of business funding, companies lack the energy to fuel the growth journey. Don’t let this happen. Get an advisor to manage the process for you.

Attract Capital is a master advisor for business funding situations and will design and implement the right solution for you.

Attract Capital’s expert advisory service will lighten your load. Contact us today.

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