The Art of Raising Acquisition Financing

acquisition financing

Acquisition financing is an elusive object. The very concept of acquisition financing is often a function of the participant’s prior experience with business lending. Experience with commodity-type loans like real estate or SBA loans results in a simplistic view of its achievability based on simple form completion and LTV compliance. Continue reading →

The Importance of Internal Deal Development in Mezzanine Debt

mezzanine debt

Mezzanine debt is a high-powered form of capital capable of forging business transformations. The ability of mezzanine debt to support corporate scale-ups is proven. It gives rapidly growing companies more funding to achieve a higher transitional growth rates through acquisitions or accelerated organic growth. Continue reading →

The Transitional Beauty of a Management Buyout

management buyout

Ownership changes can be a rocky road for companies, particularly for privately held, middle market companies. Most owners are charismatic leaders who have developed a faithful following of employees. The Company’s success springs from the employees’ commitment to the vision of the owner. Continue reading →

Middle Market Leveraged Buyout De-Risking

leveraged buyout

Leveraged buyouts by their very name sound a bit ominous. Large amounts of debt are central to this transaction structure, their single most identifying feature. All middle market leveraged buyouts are usually well conceived strategically and contain a high level of equity to undergird the debt structure. Financial engineering issues usually play a large role in the financing process for all leveraged buyouts, as they are not easy deals to finance. Continue reading →

The Best Approach to Acquisition Financing

acquisition financing

Acquirers can use any form of capital to fund a deal including bank loans, balance sheet cash, equity investment or seller notes when lining up acquisition financing. A combination of these in a bespoke structure provides an effective acquisition financing package. Continue reading →