The Impact of Scale-Up Timing on Your Growth Capital Pricing

growth capital

Growth capital in the form of structured debt or equity, involves a few timing variables that are important to understand. In these deals, high cash flow growth leads to future equity value, upon which the pricing of the deal is based. Continue reading →

Building Scale up Strength into your Acquisition Financing

acquisiton financing

Acquisition financing has a coveted place in the middle market. It is an intensely sought form of capital, and is usually allocated to the strongest, most sensible deals in the market. These include independent sponsor acquisitions, private equity-back acquisitions, roll-ups, and all forms of buyouts. Continue reading →

What Happens when Mezzanine Debt Deals Go Awry

mezzanine debt

An important consideration of selecting a lender is their track record in tough situations. All Companies face turbulence during the life of a mezzanine debt term, the question is how much and when? If the turbulence is an air pocket, a short-term disturbance, then there’s not much to worry about. Continue reading →

Diving into Growth Capital Waters

growth capital

Raising capital is a lot like diving off a steep cliff, like Instagram cliff diving reels where a person lunges off a cliff, plunges hundreds of feet and lands not far from a rocky base. There are major obstacles and variables to contend with. The Instagram divers are clearly experts and merely showboating for social media impact. Continue reading →

The Wise Choice in Acquisition Financing

acquisition financing

Middle market companies sometimes overlook the importance of selecting an acquisition financing lender. Most see this as a cost optimization exercise not all that different from negotiating with different vendors. Continue reading →