The Wise Choice in Acquisition Financing

acquisition financing

Middle market companies sometimes overlook the importance of selecting an acquisition financing lender. Most see this as a cost optimization exercise not all that different from negotiating with different vendors. Continue reading →

The Importance of Seller Note Structuring in Acquisition Financing

seller note

Seller notes are a very common part of middle market deals, as most sellers expect to leave some value on the table to attract a buyer. Most buyers have a bit of an unexcited, ho hum attitude toward them.  They generally range from 10% to 20% of the deal value and are considered both a source and use of deal funding. Continue reading →

The Different Acquisition Financing Scale up Routes

Acquisition Financing

Middle market companies have options with respect to their scale up routes. Unlike small businesses with less than $5 million in revenue, middle market companies have an entire funding market dedicated to their capital needs. Continue reading →

Diving into Growth Capital Waters

growth capital

Raising capital is a lot like diving off a steep cliff, like Instagram cliff diving reels where a person lunges off a cliff, plunges hundreds of feet and lands not far from a rocky base. There are major obstacles and variables to contend with. The Instagram divers are clearly experts and merely showboating for social media impact. Continue reading →

The Lucky Wave and Growth Capital Availability

growth capital

Corporate success occurs when preparation meets opportunity. Companies do not control the economic environment they operate within, but they very much control their reaction and readiness to capitalize on a market opportunity. Continue reading →