Mezzanine Debt – A Roll Up Power Play


A roll-up acquisition strategy is a highly effective way to build a company, especially in a fragmented industry. The dynamic nature of the acquisition program makes mezzanine debt lenders a great resource for turbo-charged roll-ups. Roll-up entrepreneurs usually have a competitive edge they wish to expand and use acquisitions as a form of growth to achieve desired scale.

Growth Financing Your Way Through Covid Times


Growth financing is a key element to propel a business forward, especially in an uncertain economy. Broadly speaking, growth financing can take the form of a number of structured debt solutions including mezzanine debt, acquisition financing and even asset financing. The middle market finance growth equation calls for capital, strategy, and execution to properly launch a scale up.

The Better Road For Acquisition Financing Selection

acquisition financing

Many deal entrepreneurs see acquisition financing capital in merely a functional light, a commodity to be procured at a volume and a price. Often the acquisition financing sourcing process consists of sourcing multiple term sheets and comparing the pricing and terms of each.

Building Corporate Growth Muscle With Mezzanine Debt

mezzanine debt

Corporate growth for middle market companies is a heavy lift. Most family owned, middle market companies’ level out at a certain growth rate once they reach maturity. To take a business from $20 million in revenue to $50 million in revenue requires a high-level business transformation expertise and corporate growth muscle.

Lighting Your Growth Capital Path


Growth Capital is widely available in the middle market under a host of different names. Each growth capital provider approaches the investment differently with a unique perspective and funding methodology.