Raising Capital: 4 Benefits from Owning your Weakness

raising capital for business

Capital raising is a massive information exchange with suppliers and consumers of information.  The borrower is the supplier and the lender is the consumer.  Often the reality of your business does not perfectly Continue reading →

The 4 Big Wins from Deal Cadence

deal cadence

Deals are complicated projects with various steps by various people progressing at different rates.  Some steps are within the control of the parties and some are not.  Time frames are set early on in the process, yet are rarely achieved unless Continue reading →

How Does Mezzanine Debt Work

How Does Mezzanine Debt Work

Mezzanine debt is a form of financing designed with features of a loan and features of equity, that provides a safe, long-term funding solution for acquisition financing and other corporate borrowing needs. Continue reading →

Five Capital Stack Optimization Tips

Capital Stack Optimization

Making an acquisition is a massive decision in the lifecycle of a company. It introduces a lot of new things for a business to manage. Some of the most important variables are how long the integration takes, how employees react to new ownership and how much extra capital is needed for investment. Continue reading →

4 Major Benefits of a Larger Capital Stack

Benefits of a Larger Capital Stack

Capital stack is destiny in the deal world, and bigger is usually better.  In any situation, to be able to add more stack, and be multi-levelled is usually a smart move.  Extra layers allow you do things you ordinarily cannot do – to fund the unexpected, to scale- up, to grow at a faster rate. Continue reading →