Fast Paced Acquisitions and Mezzanine Debt

Fast Paced Acquisitions and Mezzanine DebtMany roll up entrepreneurs see the need for acquisition speed. Most banks shun deals with rapid fire acquisitions, as it involves way too much execution risk and leaps of faith as to management’s plan. Continue reading →

Acquisition Financing Overview in the Post Covid Lending Market

Acquisition Financing Overview in the Post Covid Lending MarketThe market has recovered from the near shutdown from the Covid dislocation. Spreads had backed up 150 to 200 basis points for larger middle market deals but have now returned to normal spreads. Continue reading →

How is Mezzanine Debt Repaid?

How is Mezzanine Debt RepaidMezzanine debt is strategic capital that is raised to propel the growth rate of a company. Its cost requires a high value use for it to be beneficial for the issuer. At closing, the mezzanine loan is structured upon the Continue reading →

The Mezzanine Debt Paradigm

The Mezzanine Debt ParadigmMezzanine debt is an obscure form of capital available in the private credit markets for middle market sized companies. It helps independent business owners and sponsors finance acquisitions and growth. Continue reading →

Mezzanine Debt Viability Tips

Mezzanine Debt Viability TipsMezzanine debt operates on a different methodology than most other loans. Because it is based on a Company’s EBITDA and because the loan size is bespoke, there are several important rules to consider when assessing its viability. Continue reading →