3 Keys to Sourcing the Right Business Acquisition Loan

Business acquisition loans are different from other garden variety loans. They are raised specifically for acquiring a business, and require careful structuring to ensure supportiveness and flexibility. Acquisitions can be a bit unpredictable, despite an abundance of due diligence, Continue reading →

Top 4 Tips to Building a Strong Deal Team

Deals are complicated projects, consisting of various components with each playing a critical role in advancing the ball down the field. Acquiring companies usually bring on a team of outside advisors to navigate the process and provide process expertise. Continue reading →

The Importance of Financial Management for Middle Market Companies

No business can exist without a business plan and a solid financial management plan — it doesn’t matter how good of a product you have or how innovative of a service you offer. Understanding the importance of a positive cash flow, budgeting properly, responsible allocation of funds, Continue reading →

The Three Keys to Deal Timeline Acceleration

Deal timelines for middle market transactions often stretch beyond the original closing timeline. Despite everyone’s interest in a quick close, timelines extend for any number of reasons whether a third party delay, Continue reading →

The Benefit of Big Data for Middle Market Companies

Middle market businesses, particularly service businesses, need good market intelligence to be successful over the long term. Understanding the market and having reference points that inform your go-to-market strategy is critical. Continue reading →