Top 5 Steps to Private Equity-Style Valuation


Private Equity has a long track record of generating strong returns for its investors. It does this by acquiring companies and scaling them into more valuable enterprises. The scale up path takes several forms including acquisition growth, regional growth and distribution channel expansion. Continue reading →

Top 4 Tips to Compete with Private Equity Buyers


Private equity investors are the keystone acquirers in the M&A landscape. They have abundant capital, industry experience and robust growth plans. Most buyers feel it is hard to compete against them with their formidable capital positions. Independent acquirers, Continue reading →

Top 4 Ways that Unsecured Business Loans Spur Growth


In the banking world, there are two general loan structures – a secured loan and an unsecured loan. Secured loans have sufficient collateral and are usually 100% asset backed. Unsecured business loans lack collateral and are often viewed as lower quality and higher risk loans by a lender. Continue reading →

Top 4 Steps to become a Deal Closing Ninja

Working as an advisor in the deal business requires a lot of savvy. As an advisor, your close rate is your credibility currency. Ensuring a very high closing percentage requires special talents – the talents of a deal closing ninja. While many advisors can close some of their deals, deal closing ninjas close most of their deals. Continue reading →

Top 4 Ways to Destress your Deal Process

Deals can take on unnecessary levels of stress as the timeline unfolds. As time marches on, stress can build, leading to deal fatigue. Usually this happens because there may be an expectational disconnect as to timing early on in the process. The Company wants the loan faster than the lender can deliver the loan. Continue reading →