The Renaissance of Community and Regional Banks

The talk of megabanks has dominated the regulatory airwaves over the years. As they have grown to gargantuan size, they not only become extremely large but also insensitive to the needs of middle market companies. Continue reading →

4 Cures for the Common Covenant

Covenants are pesky little measurements that all borrowers are subjected to by their lenders. They intend to measure the health of business and are an early warning indicator of trouble ahead. The two most common covenants are a leverage ratio and fixed charge coverage. Continue reading →

The Primacy of Skin in the Game for Independent Sponsor Acquisitions

Acquisition financing lenders can be particular about the types of business they’ll lend to.  Lenders can be persnickety and have preferences as to industry, size, growth rate and collateral type.  By definition, lenders are not investors, but make loans and their profit comes on the interest spread for the most part. Continue reading →

Best Ways to Bridge Your Digital Transformation Funding Gap

Companies seeking faster growth often chart a new course through digitalization. They reinvent themselves with social media, web based e-commerce, and app-based products. While tech-based growth strategies are a great growth idea, they need properly configured underlying resources and systems to take flight. Continue reading →

The Top 4 Rewards from a Proper Questioning Style

questioning styleQuestioning style is a bit of a lost art in today’s digitally communicative business world. Our phones and inboxes are constantly pinging. This leads people to sometimes assume the persona of an email when they communicate live. Bankers are especially direct these days, as they rotate from deal to deal, in need of key informational inputs to determine if a loan fits. Continue reading →