Business Valuation Report

Business valuation reports are essential to planning exits, acquisitions, and funding events. Often your accountant or lawyer will not be familiar with the variety of business valuation methodologies used by Investors. There are a number of accepted company valuation approaches, all of which are helpful to know. Attract Capital will simplify the company valuation report process, and empower you with valuable information.

Our company valuation report tools include the following:

  1. Use of Pro forma technique and adjustments when presenting historical cash flow.
  2. Use of EBIDTA multiples as a way to present value.
  3. Use of run rate revenue and sales backlog factors to present current business performance.
  4. Use of Discounted Cash Flow and Net Present Value factors to support balance sheet asset values.

Our business valuation tools have been used in a variety of projects to help maximize valuation. Whether it is an accounting project, funding project, or exit planning, our tools will deliver a peak outcome.

Our business valuation report tools are quoted on a project basis.

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