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Capital Planning

Capital Planning tools are essential when preparing for a capital raise. Most CFO’s and accountants are not familiar with all of the variables involved. Critical outcomes include devising the appropriate capital amount, appropriate capital structure and appropriate form of capital. The right capital structure is a balanced one providing an abundance of funding over the short and long term, at a low price. Attract Capital will simplify the capital structure and empower you with valuable information on your prospective capital plan.

Our capital structure tools include the following:

  1. Use of working capital and growth capital calculators to determine the proper capital need.
  2. Use of projection models to calculate future growth capital needs and creditworthiness.
  3. Use of market risk data to determine structure and capital form.

Our capital structure tools have been used in a variety of projects. Whether you are seeking funding for expansion or an acquisition, our tools will deliver a peak outcome.

Our Capital Planning tools are quoted on a project basis.

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