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Attract Capital has developed an integrated process that is the foundation of our capital raising services. Our process incorporates the four steps of learning, structuring, communication and connection. We have been involved in reviewing thousands of different types of businesses over the past 25 years. The breadth of our exposure to different businesses has made us fast learners, capable of understanding any type of business, and able to quickly recommend the best way to finance it.

Our structuring experience was formed through providing capital raising services as a direct lender to growing companies. In the mid-1990’s, while employed at a large finance company, we found that many growing companies were unable to access capital efficiently. Through informing business owners about different approaches, we played the role of a capital raising service provider. We have a unique ability to powerfully communicate the strengths of our clients to the finance market. We absorb the different component parts of the company, and are able to present the business model and the growth model in a professional and strategic manner.

Our firm is a connecting platform for our many clients. Our ability to connect clients to lenders is the most valuable component of our capital raising services. As a gateway to finance companies, we give clients the ability to reach many firms, in a short period time. This saves them time and money, greatly accelerating their deal process. We provide capital raising services only to private companies seeking lenders. Attract Capital’s core value is in providing financial consulting and advisory services to growing companies. As a consultant, we bring our proven capital raising service to them and execute it as a part of their management team. Our capital raising service process has been developed over the last 25 years and has closed many successful financings.

Our capital raising services will result in the following:

  1. Fast closing.
  2. Large unding amount.
  3. Flexible loan terms.
  4. Reasonable loan pricing.

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