Chief Financial Officer Services

We offer clients outsourced chief financial officer services to assist them through transitional phases. Our services are geared toward helping growing companies navigate change through acquisitions, growth spurts or restructurings. We have a well rounded view of the finance and accounting function within growing organizations. When structured properly, the CFO function can transform a strategic course and elevate the decision making of the organization. Most small companies have not had the luxury of chief financial officer in running their day to day. Their accounting and finance department is often the step child in their organizations. We help CEO’s and owners elevate the professionalism of their companies through bringing a high level financial perspective. With our services, more financial analysis, budgeting and planning is possible. This leads to a greater understanding of the financial dynamics of the business, be they cost, sales or overhead related.

Our Chief Financial Officer Services address the following situations:

Business Restructuring: Attract Capital will simplify the restructuring process and empower you with valuable advice. Our input will result in a new organization structure, new cost structure and a new business development focus.

Financial Reporting: Attract Capital will improve your financial reporting timeliness, completeness and usability. We will assist you improve accounting systems and translate transactional data into meaningful business intelligence.

Strategic Planning: Attract Capital will simplify the strategic planning process to help you gain a new view of your current position and market opportunity.

Capital Planning: Attract Capital will develop financing options to support your growth. We will determine the right amount and right form of financing needed to drive your growth.

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