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The mezzanine debt market is an inefficient market. Access to investors in the mezzanine market is challenging. Finding and attracting mezzanine lenders is difficult for most business owners due to the relationship nature of the industry. There are over 1,000 firms throughout the United States and they are regionally scattered with no large regional concentration. It is very difficult for a business owner to connect with the right type of investor. Many of these firms have size, industry, and structural preferences which limits efficient access to investors. Most investors close on less than 1% of the deals that they see. This low chance of success with any one investor requires connecting with a large number of investors to even out the odds. Large scale, efficient access to investors in the mezzanine market is the driver of success. These investors are busy people, with established referral networks, and are generally non-responsive to cold calling introductions. If this sounds daunting, it is. In order to connect with this fragmented market, business owners need an industry expert with a strong rolodex and a portfolio of strong investor relationships.

  • Attract Capital has strong access to investors and relationships with hundreds of mezzanine lenders due to our founder’s longstanding involvement in the private equity industry.
  • Our ties with many of these investors span the course of years and decades.
  • These firms recognize the value add we bring to our clients as well as to their efficiency in getting deals done.
  • They value our knowledge and service based approach.
  • We have a strong reputation and a high level of credibility with the marketplace.
  • We have ready access to investors and can get quick and realistic reads as to how they view any proposed deal.
  • When we call them with a deal, they expect it to be a high quality situation with a well-conceived structure and a talented management team.

Our access to investors saves an enormous amount of time and energy in the process for our clients. It allows us to streamline the process and quickly access a large number of qualified investors.

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