Funding Through Mezzanine Financing

The first step to achieving growth, expansion, and prosperity for your business is to find a funding source that will grow and change with your business. Many business owners who are seeking expansion, mergers, and acquisitions struggle to achieve this. Enter mezzanine financing. It is an extremely flexible, long-term form of capital that is sourced entirely on the past, present, and future potential of a company’s cash flow. Many business owners are not aware of the possibilities that mezzanine financing offers, nor do they know exactly the best way to approach mezzanine lenders. That’s where we come in.

Attract Capital is a leader in our field with regards to getting private companies the mezzanine financing they need from our vast lender network. Our solution is unparalleled and helps business owners learn how to obtain mezzanine financing in a quick, efficient manner. We provide a vital service to middle-market business owners by providing them with the tools they need to simplify the mezzanine financing process.

Our solution is built on four elements:

  1. Use of Structuring Tools – To design the best mezzanine financing structure for the specific acquisition funding need.
  2. Use of Presentation Tools – To present the best version of the Company’s strategy and financials.
  3. Use of Connecting Tools – To match the transaction with 40 mezzanine lenders within our Institutional Lender Platform
  4. Use of Project Management Tools – To allow you to run the business and to accelerate the closing

Our solution provides business owners with the strategy and confidence they need to forge ahead in the mezzanine financing process. We continually deliver optimal values on the amount, price, and flexibility of the acquisition funding raised. Our solution is applicable to a variety of industries and project types. We have maintained a near 100% client retention rate, due to our steadfast dedication, personal dedication, and expedient closing rates. Whatever your vision for your business is, our mezzanine financing solution can deliver an ideal outcome.

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