Mezzanine Debt Raising Services

Provide Structural Expertise

  • Determine the right amount of growth capital needed.
  • Design the optimal mezzanine debt structure.

Provide Business Plan Development Expertise

  • Develop business plan fundamentals and client growth story.
  • Ensure that the business plan and growth story are suited for the mezzanine debt lender.
  • Write the business plan using pro forma concepts and other analytical tools.

Targeting the Mezzanine Debt Market

  • Select the appropriate mezzanine debt lenders to target from our database.
  • Provide background information and market information about each mezzanine debt lender.
  • Develop the mezzanine debt lender target list based on size, type of deal and company.
  • Contact the mezzanine debt lender.
  • Introduce the mezzanine debt lender to the company.

Manage the Mezzanine Debt Process

  • Distribute the business plan and help educate the mezzanine debt lender as to the company’s strategy.
  • Provide high level commentary to the mezzanine debt lenders about the company.
  • Manage the mezzanine debt lender interaction process.

Provide Value Added Insight to Selection of Mezzanine Debt Lender

  • Assist management in assessing the value of each mezzanine debt proposal.
  • Assist management decide which mezzanine debt lender is preferable to move forward with.
  • Assist management select the mezzanine debt lender that offers the best combination of capital flexibility and long term value.

Coach Management and Manage the Mezzanine Debt Closing Process

  • Prepare and coach the company for financial review and business review conducted by the mezzanine debt lender.
  • Manage the closing process in conjunction with the company’s counsel.
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