The Research is in: Here’s How to Have a Happier and More Productive Business Environment

Posted on: October 13th, 2017

productive business environmentLast week, I was talking to Arthur, a steel worker in NYC, about the best job he ever worked on. “Boss made us all stretch before working on the project,” he recalled. “We were the most productive team out there.

We worked better together than any of the other teams and were happier doing it.” How is it that a man who has been working for the same union for more than 30 years, sees this job as the best one in his entire career? And how can you implement these factors into your own business so that your employees are happier and more productive?

These are the three keys to unlocking happiness and potential in the workplace:

Team Building

In a study published on Public Library of Science, The Effectiveness of Teamwork Training on Teamwork Behaviors and Team Performance, it was found that training your team to work together can increase team performance significantly. Team building exercises can be a few stretches before manual labor, or a problem-solving situation where everyone can get involved. Influencing meaningful relationships between staff can cultivate a mindset that sees work as a place where employees are more than just coworkers. When trust is built, friendships are too, and with that, staff enjoy being around one another, communicate more, and achieve goals efficiently.


Micro management is a surefire way to drive your employees’ (and yourself) absolutely insane. Don’t do it. NCBI suggests that micromanagement techniques are only necessary on a short-term basis such as training new staff, overseeing an important deal, or improving the productivity of underperforming staff. Aside from those situations though, it’s best to leave room for people to be independent and rely on their own decision making. Train staff so that they have the tools they need to make the same decision you would rather than having them constantly asking you for advice or permission. According to NCBI, it will increase productivity, confidence, motivation, and improve morale.

Highlight Achievements

When employees get things right, take note! We’re all human, we make mistakes, but when we get things right, it’s nice to have our egos boosted by a compliment from a higher up. If your employees feel appreciated, they’re more likely to keep working hard, improving, and enjoying working for you. For some tips on how to recognize achievements and boost morale and productivity read this article by Robert Half.

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