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Acquisition capital is required when a company or entrepreneur is purchasing another business. Most deals involve different layers of capital including bank debt, mezzanine debt, and private equity. As experts in acquisition finance, we know the best types of acquisition capital to deploy. At Attract Capital, we also have the most efficient way to access acquisition capital.

Attract Capital is an industry pioneer in helping private companies secure acquisition capital from mezzanine lenders. We have built a lending platform that quickly and efficiently sources acquisition capital. Mezzanine loans are a frequent and high value source of acquisition capital. Placed under a bank loan, mezzanine loans are based on the combined cash flow of the acquirer and target acquisition. If properly structured, a mezzanine loan can fund 100% of the acquisition capital needed to close a transaction. Often, businesses are unable to access a acquisition capital on their own, as unique information, processes, and tools are required. Attract Capital has engineered a solution, refined over the last 20 years, that simplifies the acquisition capital sourcing process. The Attract Capital solution is built upon our proprietary structuring tools, presentation tools, and connecting tools.

At Attract Capital, we are experts at determining the best financing structure for your acquisition capital need. All acquisition financing structures involve a careful consideration of the following:

  1. Cost of the structure.
  2. Flexibility of the structure.
  3. Matching of acquisition financing structure risk with business risk.

Our knowledge of these elements differentiates us in the world of acquisition capital finance. Our solutions deliver the best value on the quantity, pricing, and flexibility of acquisition capital. Our process creates an accelerated closing for our clients. Our solution has been used in a variety of funding projects in a variety of industries. Whether an acquisition financing or buy-out financing, our solutions will deliver a peak outcome.

Our solutions are quoted on a project basis.

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