Acquisition Financing Advisors in the USA

Acquisition Financing Advisors in the USA play a very important role in our economy. Many companies have the desire to grow through acquisitions, but lack the market expertise and contacts to find acquisition financing on their own. Acquisitions allow for faster, more strategic growth than single digit internal growth. Like engineers and plumbers, the best acquisition financing advisors in the USA can build a pipeline of acquisition financing options to fund your acquisition program. Through laying out plan and specifications, they can find the optimal financing option for you.

This may well include a larger amount of financing or a more flexible term and structure. It is hard for a company to find acquisition financing independently. Often local banks are not interested in funding. There may be a few investor groups, but they want to own shares in your business and tell you how to run it. When it comes to funding, most business owners have local market contacts. Their accountants and lawyers also have local contacts. Most of these contacts amount to garden variety type banks or factoring-finance companies. All of these firms are interested in fully collateralized funding, where their loan is covered by assets. To find real acquisition financiers, company’s often ask for an introduction to a local private equity group or venture capital group. Most of the time, they are not interested because your business type does not align with their scope. Like many sectors, the acquisition financing market is not an efficient market, with regional balance of supply and demand.

The money is concentrated in relatively affluent parts of the country where sophisticated business people put together funds that are financed by high net worth individuals and money management firms. These funds seek to provide acquisition financing to companies across the country. Many of them will look at any geographic area and tend to go where the good deals are. The role of acquisition financing advisor is to use their contacts to bridge capital availability to your company. The role of acquisition financing advisors in the USA is to leverage their market expertise and connections to build a supply line of capital from one part of the country directly to your bank account. If you can put that capital to good use, and generate strong corporate returns through acquisitions, you can build serious value.

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