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Merger and Acquisition activity should be an essential part of the strategic plan for all serious growth companies. Yet, acquisition search is often a missing skill set within most mid-sized companies. C-Level Managers or advisors are not familiar with the complexities involved in managing merger and acquisition initiatives. An end-to-end acquisition service involving targeting, origination, valuation, and negotiating is required. Most mid sized companies lack the resource bandwidth or internal expertise for this. Acquisition search leads to viable acquisition opportunities and new pathways for building value. Often acquisitions can be transformative for a midsized company, redefining their strategy or underlying business model. Successful merger and acquisition activity can produce a significant pay off. If executed properly, it can compress many years of slow, organic growth into one, large immediate growth step.

Attract Capital provides end-to-end acquisition services to simplify the merger and acquisition search process. Our acquisition search solution, based on technology, processes and tools, will produce a large stream of acquisition candidates. Our acquisition services unleashes acquisitions as a powerful strategic tool for our clients. Our search solution includes the following:

  1. Use of targeting information and metrics to narrow the universe of targets.
  2. Use of acquisition prospecting software and database engines to generate lists of prospects.
  3. Use of our merger and acquisition expertise to establish credibility for the buyer.
  4. Use of financial modeling and industry data to develop valuation ranges.
  5. Use of our Financing expertise to establish financing credibility for the buyer.

Our acquisition services have been used in a variety of projects across several industries including IT, Staffing, Distribution, Services, Healthcare, and Manufacturing. Whether you are seeking small acquisitions or a large transformative acquisition, our search solution will deliver a peak outcome.

Our Acquisition Search Solution is quoted on a project basis.

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