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We provide high impact financial consulting services that solve important issues for middle market companies. Our collective experience as business financial consultants spans many disciplines including accounting, business financing, entrepreneurship, and C-Level management. We have spent many years in the financial consulting trenches at large corporations and small start up companies, helping companies bridge a multitude of gaps including:

  1. Developing Financing Options – as business financial consultants, we help capital starved businesses jump start their growth plans through mapping out business financing options.
  2. Delivering Financing Solutions – unlike financial consulting providers that merely identify the problem, we actually solve the problem by bringing fresh growth capital and business financing to our clients.
  3. Improving Business Planning – we bring a tactical financial discipline to help improve budgeting, planning, reporting and measuring. Ultimately, this results in higher profitability and greater access to business financing.
  4. Improving Financial Reporting – we elevate internal accounting reports and help transform accounting data into actionable business intelligence.
  5. Exit Planning – we build custom exit strategies based on real world valuation benchmarks. As business financial consultants with deep experience in M&A, we know how to value and sell your company.

We have garnered valuable experience as business financial consultants to over 50 companies over the past 10 years. This has given us a 360º view on identifying and solving those common financial issues that negatively affect most growth companies. Our firm’s knowledge base is broad-based, flowing from our financial consulting experience in building, managing and funding over 110 companies. Our business financial consulting solutions provide permanent improvement and long term value.

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