How to Find the Right Financial Consultant for Your Business

There are a variety of places to look to find a financial consultant for your business. You can look in the phone book, your church bulletin, or even the side of a bus. Many financial consultants advertise there, but we would not recommend that as a high quality sourcing method. Most high quality financial consultants do not define themselves through a local marketing approach. Marketing locally is a good thing today if you are providing basic services such as tax accounting services.

Chances are, you are looking for a financial consultant for something important to your business such as a growth capital or acquisitions. You may be looking to sell the company and need a financial consultant to assist with the process. The internet has transformed the way companies procure service providers. Through web search, you can access hundreds of firms that have specialized expertise. Through the power of web searching and reviewing web sites, you can quickly build a prospect list of dozens of potential financial consultants. In addition to key word searching, you can also use social media sites such as LinkedIn.

Often existing service providers such as accountants and lawyers can refer other professionals that may fit what you are looking for. Once you have developed your list of potential financial consultants, you have to research their background and verify their skill set. The right financial consultant is a person who has a track record of success and positive outcomes over the course of many years.

They should be able to provide you with examples of completed engagements where they were able to accomplish the client’s objective. Absent specific references, you should run away. Finally, there is no substitute for speaking to the financial consultants’ clients. The prospective financial consultant should make references available to you and you should be free to ask them questions. The key question is did the financial consultant deliver value to your company? Did they complete the project on time and was it a favorable outcome? Through asking these questions, your will ensure that you find the right financial consultant for your business.

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