Funding for Management Buyout

A management buyout is a specialized form of acquisition. In this situation, a company’s existing managers acquire a large part or all of the company from it’s private owners. Chances are that the managers of a company will not be able to purchase the company by themselves, so it is necessary for them to obtain some sort of funding for the buyout to transgress Private equity firms were traditionally important for management buyouts. A high percentage of them are still financed in this manner. However, the equity firm will gain stakes of shares in the company, thus limiting the amount of freedom that the managers have with their new found business. Private equity lenders are likely to have different goals than management, therefore, tensions about risk and the future of the company can arise.

A solution to this problem is to finance management buyouts in other ways. Attract Capital was founded with the idea of bringing a level of debt sourcing efficiency to private companies in the middle market. We understood that many companies struggled to raise management buyout capital to finance acquisitions. Therefore, we engineered a lending solution that allows private companies to secure funding with ease.

Our lending platform enables companies to quickly and efficiently secure leveraged buy-out loans. If properly structured, a mezzanine loan provides all of the funding needed to execute a management buy out. The Attract Capital solution is built upon our specialized structuring tools, presentation tools, and connecting tools. We capitalize on our relationships with a vast lender network and our decades of industry expertise to deliver peak outcomes to clients. Contact us today to become our next success story.

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