Importance of Positioning

Positioning is all about putting people into the right equation. Companies spend too little time on building up proper positioning and often positioning strategy is confused by ambiguous talk about the ‘brand’.

Positioning is the art of expressing your business is a strategically powerful way such that prospective buyers will take notice. It is not hyping, over-selling or misrepresenting.

It is explaining what your business does in ways that go beyond the surface and reach into the complexities and the subtleties. This is often necessary in order to break through the noise in the sell side M&A community.

Often times, due to the over hyping nature of most brokers, buyers or investors tune out. Kind of the equivalent of being bombarded with too many bad beer commercials during a football game broadcast.

Positioning is an art and a science. Its deployment in a deal allows a company to utilize a fresh new context in which to explain what it does. Most brokers only know how to sell the obvious story line.

If you want to maximize the value of your company in a sale or a capital raise, find an advisor not a broker, who can express your ordinary business in an extraordinary way.

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