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Attract Capital is regarded as an expert in middle market finance. We are well versed in the different types of lenders and the optimal way to finance acquisitions and growth. Our knowledge base flows from our classical training in corporate finance, coupled with our years of experience in the lending trenches at large corporate banks and specialty lender groups. Lending advice is critical to determining the best type of loan for your specific need. At Attract Capital, we have designed analytical frameworks and structuring tools that provide consistent and high quality lending advice for our clients.

Our tools allow us to carefully consider the following variables

  1. The quantity of capital needed.
  2. The risk and term profile of the project to be funded.
  3. The cost of various financing structures.
  4. The flexibility of various financing structures.
  5. The optimal alignment of financing structure risk with the business risk of the project.

Attract Capital has engineered a solution, refined over the last 20 years, that simplifies the process of lending advice. Our lending advice solution allows you to design a custom loan structure, uniquely suited to your business. The Attract Capital solution is based upon our real world knowledge of the lending markets. Our institutional lending platform has over 100 lenders and provides continuous information and update as to credit parameters and market conditions.

At Attract Capital, we are experts at determining the best financing structure for your capital need. Due to our ability to position your company and powerfully present your growth path, we often help clients reduce the amount of equity they need to secure a loan. Our solutions deliver the best value on the quantity, pricing and flexibility of financing. Whether an acquisition financing, growth financing or buy-out financing, our lending advice solutions will deliver a peak outcome.

Our solutions are quoted on a project basis.

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