The Case for Raising Mezzanine Debt in a Recessionary Environment

Posted on: August 26th, 2022


Mezzanine debt is most actively raised in periods of economic prosperity. This occurs even though buoyant economic times often makes growth more expensive due to the cumulative effect of simultaneous corporate investment. When every company is investing, all cost components of the growth equation -labor, marketing, brick & mortar, systems tend to rise, and a company gets less bang for their growth buck.

When the market buckles, capacity eases and prices decline creating a buying opportunity for corporate growth investors. Recessions create opportunity for investment, especially when corporations retrench, and the labor market sags. While contrarian to the herd, middle market companies who invest into a recession plant the seeds for stronger recovery and growth gains. Mezzanine debt is an ideal form of capital to finance growth investment during a recession as these lenders have a keen appreciation of counter cyclical business growth. Even though the overall market trend may be downward, your company can still have positive fundamentals with growth trends pointing in the right direction.

Mezzanine debt lenders are more attuned to your growth drivers as opposed to the industry in general and will take the time to learn why your business can power through a recession. Recessions create disequilibrium in the market which leads to rare opportunities to grow stronger and consolidate more business. These opportunities can take various forms including a sales team looking for a new home, a competitor seeking a joint venture, or a supplier seeking to merge.

Financial strength and capital wherewithal is the sine qua non to capitalize on these opportunities. Extra liquidity gives you the ability to do things that most other companies cannot do. When others are struggling, mezzanine debt access allows you to not only weather but to thrive from the impact of the recession. Whether it is an acquisition, expansion or innovation, companies can take significant growth steps and build significant value with this approach.