Why go for an M&A Advisor?

Posted on: January 9th, 2013

If you are in the market to raise acquisition financing or to sell your business, a quality M&A advisor is an important part of your team. Here is how he will help you crack ‘the deal’…

  • Often quarterback, he is responsible for creating the various deal options and managing your team to victory
  • A strong M&A advisor has a background in accounting, finance and operations. Many have run companies or been on the investment side at a private equity fund or mezzanine fund
  • He is able to very quickly assess your strengths and weaknesses as a fundable deal and recommend a course of corrective action to help the Company overcome any weaknesses. Common weaknesses include weak financial reporting, lack of management team depth, poorly articulated growth strategies, just to name a few
  • A quality M&A advisor highlightsand enhances your business value through customized presentations for different profiles of buyers
  • Deals often almost die many times in the process. An M&A advisor will know how to revive them and get the discussions back on track
  • His extensive marketing database and personal network brings you more buyers, which creates competitionimproving the value and quality of offers and ultimately, your transaction

The difference between a broker and an M&A Advisor or Investment Banker is vast.A broker generally lacks the ability to articulate the underlying strengths or strategies of the company the way an M&A Advisor or Investment Banker can.