Business Consulting Services

As seasoned business consultants, we provide a variety of business consulting services that include the following:

  1. Business Valuation Report

  2. Through the analysis of financial reporting and use of projection models, determine the value of a business. Projection models are used to measure the value of assets and the future value of the corporation’s cash flow, for the following reasons:

    • To support goodwill estimates.
    • To support capital raising initiatives.
    • To assist owner’s exit planning in sale of the business.
  3. Capital Planning

  4. Through our experience as business consultants to growing companies, we have a comprehensive view of the capital needed for a company to succeed. We help determine the level of capital needed to significantly grow the business through:

    • Product development.
    • Sales expansion.
    • Improved working capital.
    • Acquisition of another business.
    • Refinancing old liabilities.
  5. Strategic Planning

  6. A full range of business consulting services geared toward providing analytical frameworks to improve profitability and accelerate growth.

    • Financial modeling and projections.
    • Economic industry analysis.
    • Uncovering key value drivers.
    • Uncovering key sales and operational metrics.
    • Improved financial reporting.
  7. Restructuring Process Advice

  8. A full range of business consulting services geared toward identification of
    organizational changes required to transform various aspects of the corporation including:

    • Management organizational changes
    • Financial structure optimization
    • Cost structure optimization
    • Financial Management
    • Product and market changes.
    • Production and work flow changes.
    • Financial Reporting improvement
  9. Loan Work-Out Advice

  10. A full range of business consulting services geared toward navigating underperforming companies that have strained lender relationships. The goal is to stabilize the relationship through easing tension by use of the following:

    • Bringing credibility and objectivity to adversarial lender discussions.
    • Providing defensible valuations to support the loan balance.
    • Developing multiple ways to take the bank out through repayment and divestitures.
    • Improving flow of information and financial reporting.
    • Providing basic business consulting services to improve communications and lender visibility.
  11. Financial Reporting Advice

  12. We have CFO and CPA expertise in our firm which allows us to offer a 360º business consultant view on many financial issues. Our focus is geared toward improving the corporation’s ability to generate timely, reliable and relevant management information and financial reporting for both internal use and external reporting.

    • Cleaning up old legacy accounting issues relating to acquisition purchase accounting and intercompany balances.
    • Developing pro forma financials to show adjusted earnings.
    • Developing professional budgeting, useful for running and tracking the business.
    • Remediating disorganized accounting records through consistent application of GAAP principles.
    • Developing capital planning and strategic planning processes to elevate financial reporting and planning within the corporation.

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