The Growing Options of Mezzanine Financing

For companies in the middle market, mezzanine financing is the go to option to receive financing for your company’s growth. It hasn’t always been this way, as mezzanine financing has been known as a pricey option for capital in the past. This has changed as mezzanine finance has sought to become a more viable option for direct lending. Mezzanine has been growing over the past 20 years and is now the financial funding preference of companies in the middle market.

The middle market is a tough place to thrive as a company looking to grow. There are countless companies competing against you in any industry. Mezzanine financing gives these companies the energy boost they need to grow and become market leaders in their fields. Mezzanine financing has become universal through offering better pricing and more flexible terms.

For any middle market enterprise, mezzanine provides more money than a bank at pricing less expensive than selling shares. In effect, mezzanine is a form of cheap equity. There are now many options to choose from if you are looking for a mezzanine financier and this provides for a new problem: how are you supposed to know which mezzanine firm to contact? That is why it is a great idea to approach a financial consultant such as Attract Capital.

At Attract Capital we have been building a vast portfolio of relationships between mezzanine firms. We have decades of mezzanine experience in the art of matchmaking between a mezzanine finance firm and a middle market company. We will find you the best partner for your funding needs and your company will get the jump start it needs to make a splash in the expanding pond of the middle market. While there are growing options for mezzanine financing, it pays to work with an expert firm who can structure the right loan and help you secure the right lender.

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